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ADA Internal Power Filter W301

ADA Internal Power Filter W301

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ADA Internal Power Filter W301

Small and strong filter made by ADA. This internal aquarium filter can act as a double up filtration for a bigger tank or as a main source of filtration for tanks that are approximately 2ft.

The sponge within helps in both mechanical and biological filtration. The mini pores of the sponges helps to trap larger debris until it breaks down and become food for the beneficial bacteria to consume. The pores also act like a central powerhouse and feeding station for beneficial bacteria to thrive. 

It also comes with an airline that you can attach to the powerhead if you want to aerate the tank more efficiently. Once attached, the powerhead will spit out tiny air bubbles that will agitate water surface and promote gaseous exchange which will allow the water to become more oxygenated. 

The small entry slit at the bottom for entry of debris is also designed to be small enough so that crustacean lovers like yourself need not worry about your shrimps getting sucked into the pump unit. 

- 1200L/Hr
- 20 Watts
- All Black (Sleek Looking)
- No Air Pump Required
- Great for small tanks
- Can be used as a circulation + aeration pump for larger aquariums

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