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Animan Vegetable Soft Jerky - 50g
Animan Vegetable Soft Jerky - 50g

Animan Vegetable Soft Jerky - 50g

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Animan Vegetable Soft Jerky - 50g

This soft jerky for small animals is made from Japan's domestically grown carrots and barley grass. Carrots contain beta-carotene, which is great for maintaining healthy vision and skin. Barley grass contains dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals that helps improve digestion. Added champignon extract to reduce fecal odor. No preservatives or antioxidants added.

- Made from carrots and barley grass grown domestically in Japan
- Promote healthy vision and skin
- Promotes digestion
- Contains Champignon extract to reduce fecal odor
- No preservative or antioxidants

Suitable for:
- Rabbits
- Guinea Pigs
- Chinchillas
- Hamsters
- Degu
- Gerbils
- Mices
- Rats

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein: Min. 16.0%
Crude Fat: Min. 9.5%
Crude Fibre: Max. 1.5%
Crude Ash: Max. 5.0%
Moisture: Max. 25.0%
Energy: 370kcal/100g

Wheat flour, defatted soybeans, vegetable oil and fat, sugar, carrots,
barley grass, champignon extract, thickening stabilizer (processed starch), glycerin,
sorbitol, minerals (sodium), preservatives (sorbic acid, sodium dehydroacetate),
sodium polyphosphate, colors (yellow 4, blue 1, red 106)


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