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Aquaspeed Internal Filter A30004BIO

Aquaspeed Internal Filter A30004BIO

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Aquaspeed Internal Filter A30004BIO

Having an internal filtration in your aquarium is vital to keeping the waters clean and your fish healthy. The Aquaspeed Internal Filter can be used as an additional form of filtration or a standalone filter system. This filter system is extremely versatile because it comprises of 2 filtration segments filled with sponge to help with mechanical and biological filtration.

The sponge within filters out the waste and debris from your fishes and at the same time, allows beneficial bacteria to be cultivated within the sponge itself. This kind of filter is similar to a sponge filter except, more powerful and efficient as it comes with a power head at the top to clock in higher water mileage. With more water flowing through, more efficient filtration takes place resulting in better water quality. 

You can also switch out the top portion of the sponge and filled it with biological media for beneficial bacteria to grow so as to enhance better biological filtration. 

The power head on top of the filter sponge component can be maneuvered. Meaning to say, you can swivel it left or right depending on where you require the outflow to be at. 

The outflow attachment is also designed to be able to swivel up and down so you can position the outflow to face up (if you want to increase surface agitation), face it straight out or face it down (if you want to improve water currents). 

An airline is also provided so if you would like to incorporate some air bubbles in your aquarium to increase surface agitation, it is at your disposal to attach it to the powerhead!

Versatility of the Aquaspeed Aquarium Internal Filter are endless! Place one in your aquarium and you will be surprised at how well it can work!

Features / Specifications: 
- 3000L/H
- Suitable for up to 3ft Tank as main filtration (make sure aquarium is taller than 35cm)
- Suitable for up to 5ft Tank as additional filtration
- Removable compartment to allow easy access for cleaning
- Removable sponge (if you want to switch out for other filter media)
- Swiveled powerhead
- Swiveled outflow attachment
- Air bubbles feature (to increase surface agitation)
- Green Series (up to 30% electricity saved)
- 16 Watts (other brands with same specs is at 22.8 Watts)
- Suitable for Marine / Freshwater

10 x 6.6 x 35.5 cm (LxWxH)
(width including outflow attachment: 16cm)

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