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Big Boy Aquarium Air Pump BB8000
Big Boy

Big Boy Aquarium Air Pump BB8000

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Big Boy Aquarium Air Pump BB8000

The Big Boy air pump requires little to no introduction as it is itself, a very popular air pump that many aquarists use. Powerful yet silent at the same time. Can support tanks of up to 5ft. Have dual outlets so you can place air stones in different tanks or in different areas. 

- Dual Outlet
- Dual Speed
- 5.6 Watts
- Strong but silent
- Can be used for large tanks

Why do I need an air pump?
An air pump is an absolute necessity for any aquarium big or small. It not only helps in agitating the water surface to promote gaseous exchange to make more oxygenated water for your aquatic livestocks, it can also help you in many ways. In times of your fishes experiencing illness, sometimes, it is a need to increase the levels of oxygen in your water for them to recover better.

In event that you your fishes lay eggs and you have no options but to switch off your pump or filtration systems to stop the eggs from entering the suction zone, you would have no choice but to deploy a sponge filter that requires an air input to work. 

Increased aeration in your tank also means lesser dead spots around which is healthy for an aquarium ecosystem. 

Also, you can also make use of airstone strips to beautify your aquarium by placing the airstone strip at the back of your tank to create a background of bubbles that will make your aquarium look extremely pleasing to the eyes.

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