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Dophin Hang On Back Filter H500

Dophin Hang On Back Filter H500

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Dophin Hang On Back Filter H500

Hang On Back or Power Filters are extremely popular in the western parts of the world as they are simply effective, efficient, extremely silent and not forgetting, low power consumption. 

Dophin Hang On Back Power Filters boast to have a dual filtration in place. Both mechanical and biological filtration works hand in hand within this system. Mechanically filtering out the waste or unfinished food and then broken down over time which creates food for the beneficial bacteria living within the sponge. 

- Mechanical, Biological and Chemical Filtration in one system
- Extremely Silent Filter
- Carbon Catridge to Purify Water and Remove Odour
- Easy Setup - Easy Maintenance
- Effective Performance
- Perfect for Fresh and Marine Tanks
- Compact - Efficient
- Durable

Rated at 580L/H, supporting a 2ft tank should not be an issue. Just make sure not to overstock the tank. Or supporting a single axolotl in a 2ft tank will not be an issue for this power filter.

Other Available Sizes:
H80 - 185L/H / Up to 1ft tank / 2.5 Watts
H100 - 350L/H / Up to 2ft tanks / 3.1 Watts
H200 - 370L/H / Up to 2ft tanks / 3.2 Watts
H300 - 430L/H / Up to 2ft tanks / 4.4 Watts
H500 - 580L/H / Up to 2ft tanks / 5.5 Watts
H800 - 1020L/H / Up to 3ft tanks / 7.3 Watts
(The usage of the different sizes differs based on the number of livestocks you have. The higher number of livestocks you have, the higher flow you should choose)

** Hang on back filters generally support tanks that have lower numbers of livestocks. You may opt to use it as an additional filter if you have a larger number of livestocks in your tank.

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