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F10 Sterilant with Rust Inhibitor - 5L

F10 Sterilant with Rust Inhibitor - 5L

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F10 Sterilant with Rust Inhibitor - 5L

The F10 Sterilant with rust inhibitor is used for rapid cold sterilization of heat sensitive equipment and surgical instruments such as endoscopes, clipper blades, catheters and stainless steel instruments. This makes it a wonderful overnight storage solution for your pet grooming / medical instruments. Helps to sterilize and prevent rust.

- Sterilizes equipments (grooming tools / medical instruments)
- Can be used as a solution for overnight soaking of the instrument
- Prevents rust

Directions for Use:
Pour F10 Sterilant into a suitable container and place the equipments you want to sterilise and protect against rust in it. Soak overnight and it will be ready for use. Do not require rinsing after removing the equipment

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