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JR Farm Fruit Cake - 80g
JR Farm Fruit Cake - 80g
JR Farm

JR Farm Fruit Cake - 80g

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JR Farm Fruit Cake - 80g

Delicious fruit tarts for small animals and dwarf rabbits! The crispy cake made of carrot and parsnip is lovingly decorated with lots of delicious fruits and berries. Like fresh from grandma's bakery! But not only delicious and appetizing, but also full of vitamins and fibre. Thanks to the inulin from the parsnip, our Fruit Cake has a positive effect on the intestinal flora of our small animals and dwarf rabbits and at the same time supports their immune system. Because of its fructose content less suitable for hybrids, Campbell, Dzhungars, Degus and Chinchillas.

- Full of vitamins and fibre
- Helps with the intestinal flora of your pets
- Supports your pets immune system
- Available in 80g

Suitable For:
- Rabbit
- Guinea Pig
- Hamster (Except for dwarf hamsters)
- Mice
- Rat

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein 5.7%
Fat content 2.3%
Crude fiber 4.1%
Crude ash 3.4%
Calcium 1002 mg/kg
Phosphorus 1381 mg/kg
Sodium 850 mg/kg

parsnips 48%, carrots 23.7%, vegetal starch, bananas 2.3%, strawberries 1.2%, black chokeberries 1.2%, papaya

Feeding Guidelines:
Intended as a snack


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