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JR Farm Peppermint Meadow - 500g
JR Farm Peppermint Meadow - 500g
JR Farm

JR Farm Peppermint Meadow - 500g

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JR Farm Peppermint Meadow - 500g

JR Farm Peppermint Meadow is a premium gourmet hay that is enriched with fibre-rich peppermint. A healthy addition to your fur friend's diet.

- Healthy
- Enriched with peppermint
- Can be used as a foraging material
- Can be used as a bedding topper
- Available in 500g

Suitable For:
- Rabbits (Dwarf Rabbit)
- Hamsters
- Degus
- Gerbils
- Mices
- Rats
- Guinea Pigs
- Chinchillas

Growth of permanent grassland in the foothills of the Alps (consisting of, among other things, oats, cocksfoot, downy oats, meadow meadow oats, red clover, sharp ranunculus, russet grass, woolly honey grass, golden oats, narrow-leaved vetch, hop snail vetch, dandelion, ribwort plantain, cowslip, marguerite, daisies, large Burnet, Cleaver, Parsnip, Sorrel, Germander Speedwell, Hornwort, Giant Hogweed, German Ryegrass, Soft Brome, Tufted Vetch, Sand Vetch, Trident Orchid, Bulbous Ranunculus, Rattlehead, Cow Parsley, Yarrow), Peppermint 5%.

Feeding Guidelines:
In addition to fresh water, sufficient hay should always be available.


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