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JR Farm Rodent Playground - 150g
JR Farm Rodent Playground - 150g
JR Farm

JR Farm Rodent Playground - 150g

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JR Farm Rodent Playground - 150g

Play and fun with the rodent play area: that way there is guaranteed not to be boredom in the rodent home. With crunchy baked biscuits and natural woods, the rodent play area promotes intelligence and skill.

- For nibbling and gnawing
- Engaging and entertaining for your pets to gnaw on
- Promotes intelligence and skills
- Made with natural woods
- Available in 150g

Suitable For:
- Rabbits
- Hamsters
- Degus
- Gerbils
- Mices
- Rats
- Guinea Pigs
- Chinchillas

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein 4.6%
Fat content 1.4%
Crude fiber 42.6%
Crude ash 1.8%
Calcium 2944 mg/kg
Phosphorus 922 mg/kg
Sodium 257 mg/kg

deciduous wood, biscuits (carrots 25.5%, yellow millet, pea starch, parsley 16.6%, wheat, red millet, rape oil), willow

Feeding Guidelines:
Intended as a snack.


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