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JR Farm Summer Field - 100g
JR Farm Summer Field - 100g
JR Farm

JR Farm Summer Field - 100g

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JR Farm Summer Field - 100g

JR Farm Herbs series is a fibre-rich snack or supplementary feed which contains a wide variety of herbs. It is high in crude fibre content that aids in digestive health.

- Fibre-rich snack / supplementary feed
- Contains a wide variety of herbs
- Promotes digestive health
- Healthy
- Tasty
- Available in 100g

Suitable For:
- Rabbit (Dwarf Rabbit)
- Chinchilla
- Guinea Pig
- Hamster
- Degus
- Gerbil
- Mice
- Rat

Carrot slices, pea flakes, plantain, marigold blossoms, sunflower blossoms 10%, dandelion 10%, hibiscus blossoms, rose blossoms 10%

Feeding Guidelines:
Mixed with hay or other herbs, or in addition to the daily hay ration.


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