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Kintons/AquaSpeed Wave Maker iQ600

Kintons/AquaSpeed Wave Maker iQ600

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Kintons/AquaSpeed Wave Maker iQ600

Having a wave maker in your tank can help tremendously in the upkeep of your aquarium ecosystem. It also helps in creating a more realistic environment for your fishes to be in. The wave maker will create underwater currents that mimics the natural environment so your fish will feel more at ease. Also, it will help to sweep up debris and waste nearer to your pump for better filtration.

- 12000L/H
- 18 Watts
- Double Head
- Suitable for up 5ft tanks (5x2x2ft)
- Suction Mount (Non Magnetic)
- Vibrant Color (Neon Green)
- Wavemakers create current in tank so as to deter dead spots within the tank - Simulates a more natural environment for the fish
- Helps to push debris / waste to pump to help keep the tank clean
- Suitable in both Salt/Fresh Water

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