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Kintons GS Submersible Pump 5000L/H

Kintons GS Submersible Pump 5000L/H

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Kintons GS Submersible Pump 5000L/H

The "GS" in Kintons GS Series Submersible Pump actually means "Green Series". Comparing it to other aquarium submersible pumps, Kintons GS series will help you save up to 50% on your electrical consumption. Abeit being dubbed an energy saving pump, it does not mean it is any less powerful than other similarly rated pumps. This submersible pump packs a silent but powerful punch!

You can use it for your sump filtration or as a standalone pump for your overhead filtration. The 5000L/H submersible aquarium pump is also powerful to pump water in small ponds!

- 5000L/H
- Up to 5ft tanks
- Pushing power of up to 4 meters
- Fully Submersible 
- Suitable for Fresh/Marine
- Silent
- Powerful
- High Quality
- Green Series (50% Energy Saving)
- 72 Watts

Other Sizes Available:
iQ3000 - 3000L/H / Up to 3ft tanks / 30Watts
iQ4000 - 4000L/H / Up to 4ft tanks / 42Watts 
iQ5000 - 5000L/H / Up to 5ft tanks / 72Watts
iQ6000 - 6000L/H / Up to 6ft tanks / 103Watts 

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