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Kintons Overhead Filter iQ208

Kintons Overhead Filter iQ208

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Kintons Overhead Filter iQ208

A simple and standard overhead filter system that can support up to a 2ft tank (2ftx1ftx1ft to be concise). Allows you to put media and wool into the tray to facilitate mechanical and biological filtration (not included). 

It comes together with a submersible pump rated at 1000L/H that is sufficient for a 2ft tank. An overhead filter is an extremely popular method of filtration among fellow aquarists because of its effectiveness and efficiency. 

It is also under the Kintons Green Series category as the submersible pump that comes with the overhead filter box is of a power saving model. At 1000L/H and a 9 Watts rating, an off the shelve pump would easily double the power usage. 

The pump also features a input of airflow which can help to create bubbles and agitate the water surface so as to improve gaseous exchange and introduce more oxygen into the water and maintain a healthy ecosystem. 

Suitable for:
- Fresh Water / Marine / Planted Aquariums

- Efficient energy consumption (9 Watts) 
- Easy to set up
- Highly effective

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