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Kintons T4 (Gold White) Submersible LED
Kintons T4 (Gold White) Submersible LED
Kintons T4 (Gold White) Submersible LED
Kintons T4 (Gold White) Submersible LED
Kintons T4 (Gold White) Submersible LED

Kintons T4 (Gold White) Submersible LED

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Kintons T4 (Gold White) Submersible LED

The Kintons Gold White Submersible LED features a single row of LED. Using gold white light in your aquarium provides a very crispy look to your aquarium. It helps to enhance the aesthetics of your fish. Especially fishes that are yellow or gold in color. It reflects these colors and brings out the true beauty of your fish resulting in an overall increase in viewing satisfaction.

These lights can also be used for other purposes other than aquarium use. They can be effectively used in lighting up your terrariums or vivariums; There are other colors for you to choose from so that you can create the look and feel you want to your enclosure. 

With it's seal technology in place, you need not worry about water entering the light tubing. This makes it perfectly suitable for enclosures that requires daily mistings. For example, a vivarium housing a chameleon will require misting quite often. The light is perfectly safe to be used in a situation like this. 

Do note that these lightings are for viewing purposes only. 

- T4 LED
- Low Profile Tube
- Energy Efficient
- Seal Technology to prevent water from entering when submerged
- Low Power Dissipation
- Enrich fish colours (Great for gold arowanas / angels / discus and many more)

Available in:
- 2ft aquariums (53cm)
- 3ft aquariums (83cm)
- 4ft aquariums (113cm)

2ft Light Specifications:
Light Modes: Gold-White
Number of LEDs: 20
Gold: 14
White: 6
Wattage: 9 Watts

3ft Light Specifications:
Light modes: Gold-White
Number of LEDs: 28
Gold LED: 19
White LED: 9
Wattage: 14 Watts

4ft Light Specifications:
Light Modes: Blue-White
Number of LEDs: 39
Gold: 26
White: 13
Wattage: 20 Watts

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