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Kintons UVC Submersible Sterilizer 9 Watts

Kintons UVC Submersible Sterilizer 9 Watts

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Kintons UVC Submersible Sterilizer 9 Watts

UVC is mainly used to maintain water quality. As the UVC spectrum kills bacteria and algae, and therefore, helps to maintain the overall health of your water. This submersible UVC light is supposed to be placed at an area where there is water flowing through and at a place where the you are not able to see it. For example, within a compartment of an overhead filter that is blacked out or covered or within the sump filtration tank itself. As much as it is harmful to the microbes, it is also harmful to our eyes and skin. 

This 9 watts sterilizer will be effective for tanks that are up to 5ft. 

You can also use it as a counter measure when you are doing tanning to work against the algae growth you will experience during the tanning process.

- Kills Bacteria
- Kills Algae 
- Maintains better water health
- Creates crystal clear water
- 9 watts can be used in tanks of up to 5ft

Other Available Sizes:
5 Watts - Up to 3ft tanks
7 Watts - Up to 4ft tanks
9 Watts - Up to 5ft tanks
11 Watts - 6ft tanks and above

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