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Marukan Guinea Pig Lunch - 500g

Marukan Guinea Pig Lunch - 500g

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Marukan Guinea Pig Lunch - 500g

A nutritionally well balanced staple food for guinea pigs which is made from fresh alfalfa hay, orchard grass, and other ingredients. that are high in vitamin C that is essential for your guinea pigs to maintain their health. Formulated with cultivated grass and vitamin C yucca extract.

- Well balanced staple diet
- Made from fresh ingredients
- High in vitamin C
- Helps to maintain their health
- 500g

Suitable for:
- Guinea Pigs

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein -18.8%
Fat - 3%
Fiber - 18.5%

Orchard grass, alfalfa meal, cereals (wheat, oats, and corn meal gluten feed) nuts and seeds (sunflower bran flakes and plam kernel), legumes (soybean meal and soybean flakes), sugar (molasses), fats, herbs, yucca extract, vitamins, minerals.


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