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Marukan Canned Mealworms - 40g / 80g
Marukan Canned Mealworms - 40g / 80g

Marukan Canned Mealworms - 40g / 80g

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Marukan Canned Mealworms - 40g / 80g

Marukan Canned Mealworms contain high protein with high palatability and supports energy growth period or for loss of appetite. It is a high energy source which helps for growing period. Those who are squirmish with live mealworms will be able to feed this at ease. These are different from dried ones you commonly see! These 'raw' canned ones stays true to it's taste. (p.s. We didn't taste it in case you're wondering)

- Canned, raw mealworms
- Made in Japan
- High in protein 
- Supports energy growth 
- High energy source 
- 40g

Suitable for: 
- Small Animals (Hedgehogs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Mices, Rats, Sugar Gliders, etc)
- Reptiles (Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragons, etc)
- Fishes
- Birds

Feeding Guidelines:
Serve as treats or snacks. Intended for intermittent feeding only.

ML163 (40g) / ML164 (80g)

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