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Maxxipaws MaxxiCardio for Dogs - 150g

Maxxipaws MaxxiCardio for Dogs - 150g

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Maxxipaws MaxxiCardio for Dogs - 150g

Our dogs’ love is irreplaceable and so are their hearts. It is
therefore vital that we care well for both. Our maxxicardio is specifically designed with your beloved dog’s heart in mind. The carefully selected ingredients nurture his heart and circulatory system. This helps to protect your dog’s cardiovascular health and improve his quality of life. maxxicardio, because healthier heart improves quality of life and life expectancy.

maxxicardio contains carefully chosen ingredients that support and help maintain good canine cardiovascular health. Each ingredient has its own important role.

- Heart & vascular support for dogs
- For dog breeds predisposed to cardiovascular stress *
- For dogs with pre-existing suboptimal cardiovascular functions (suffer from heart problems)
- For senior dogs with various age-related health issues (e.g. irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure,
loss of muscle strength, reduced stamina)
- For active dogs that endure cardiac stress on a regular basis (e.g. working dogs and dogs that compete in sports)
- Formulated for results
- Improved performance and focus for your dogs
- Help to speed up recovery from exercise related pain and muscle soreness
- Supports overall heart function
- May help dogs being weaned off heart medication
- May benefit dogs suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart)
- Can have a positive effect on energy levels
- Helps to calm the mind for better focus
- Helps control the release of chemical signals between cells in the brain
- Reduces the risk of taurine deficiency
- Regular use can gradually improve the overall health of dogs
- Can help to regulate high and low blood pressure
- Supports and helps to maintain cardiovascular and circulatory health
- May help to regulate irregular or abnormal heart beat (arrhythmia)
- Can improve exercise tolerance (endurance)
- Supports cardiovascular function in dogs
- Helps with periodontal disease (supports gum health)
- Antioxidant (helps neutralise free radicals)
- Helps provide energy to cells
- Supports the immune system
- Positive effect on energy and exercise tolerance
- Supports renal function
- Aids blood circulation and hence cardiovascular health
- Supports cognitive function
- Supports healthy heart function and regular heartbeat
- May reduce risk of side effects from heart medications
- Helps to keep blood pressure within healthy range
- Supports the skeletal system (bone health)
- Can help with restlessness and stiff muscles
- Plays a role in helping to speed up recovery
- Supports hundreds of chemical reactions in the body
- Available in 150g

Suitable for:
- Dogs (Best for Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Miniature Schnauzers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Dachshunds, Doberman Pinschers, Miniature and Toy Poodles)

Ingredients (per scoop 2.5g):
L-carnitine 250mg, Taurine 250mg, Hawthorn Berry Powder 50mg, Coenzyme Q10 20mg, Ginkgo biloba (leaf) 10mg, Magnesium (as citrate) 25mg, Potassium (as citrate) 25mg, Vitamin E 50 IU


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