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Nutrition Formula For Hedgehogs

Nutrition Formula For Hedgehogs

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FullNutro Nutrition Formula For Hedgehogs (Hedgehog Food)

FullNutro Nutrition for Hedgehogs blends various high quality selected ingredients that are specifically grinded for hedgehogs according to their nutritional needs. Ingredients includes Chicken Meal, Fish Meal, Mealworm and high grade protein that are easy for it's digestion. Fish oil and flaxseed have abundant unsaturated fatty acid, while the Brewer's yeast protein powder contains rich vitamin B complex and trace-element; These may help to protect the liver and heart. Bran also contains rich dietary fibre which may help promote intestinal health. Imported whey powder were also added to attend to the special nutritional needs of young hedgehogs. FullNutro furnishes the balanced nutrition for your hedgehogs of all ages.

Feeding Directions:
Young / Pregnant: Once Every Night (8% of its weight) Mature: Once Every Night (5% of its weight) ** Mealworm can be added as treats (Supplementary Nutrition) Ingredients: Chicken meal, Wheat, Fishmeal, Brown rice, Wild oat, Peeled soybean meal, cegetable powder, Mealworms, Brewer's yeast protein powder(5%), Flaxseed(5%), Bran(3%), Soybean hulls, WHeat germ, Imported whey powder(2%), Lecithin, Fish oil (1%), Refining lard, Soybean oil, salt, Methionine, Lysine, Copper methionine, Zinc methionine, Iron methionine, Maganese yeast, Calcium iodine, Selenium yeast, Chromium yeast, Calcium Lactate, Calcium hydrogen phosphate, VA, VD3, VE, VK3, VB1, VB6, VB12, L-ascorbic-2-Phosphate, Choline chloride, Niacin, Folate, D-Calcium pantathenate, Biotin Guaranteed Analysis: Moisture <10%, Crude Protein >29%, Crude Fat >6%, Crude Ash <9%, Crude FIber <9%, Calcium 0.8-1.8%, Phoshorus 0.6-1.4%, Salt 0.5-1.5%, Methionine >0.5%,

- Helps Intestinal Health 
- Easy For Digestion 
- Balanced Nutrition

Net Content:
600g Jolly Pet Products
(Hong Kong Brand)
Made In China

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