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Rodipet AKTIV Rolly

Rodipet AKTIV Rolly

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Rodipet AKTIV Rolly

Its a meals on wheels for your playful pet rodent! Rodipet AKTIV Rolly is made of high quality cereals and vegetables which are being made into treat blocks which are then mounted on birch slice wheels. It does not only provide a healthy and nutritious treat but also keeps your pet challenged as they work to obtain a treat. When the treat block are consumed, the rolly itself will either gets chewed up. Chewing, fun and games rolled into one!

- Food, Fun and Games
- Includes birch wood
- Made of high quality ingredients
- Makes your pet work for its food
- Satisfy chewing instinct
- Materials are all safe to ingest
- 14 x 7 x 7cm

Suitable for:
- Hamsters
- Gerbils
- Rabbits
- Prairie Dogs
- Chinchillas
- Guinea Pigs
- Mices
- Rats
- Degus

Rolled Oats, Grits, Carrot, Bell Pepper, Nettle, Peppermint, Dandelion, Birch Branch Slices, Millet, Plant-Based Thickening Agent

14 x 7 x 7cm

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