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Rodipet Crunchy Mouse

Rodipet Crunchy Mouse

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Rodipet Crunchy Mouse

Rodipet Crunchy Mouse is both an eye-catcher within your pet's home and a very special treat for your pet. Between a crunchy block made from tasty cereals and seeds, a natural clay chew block and crispy birch twigs your pet will find loads of opportunities to satisfy his chewing instincts.

All Rodipet® products, we use neither sugar nor artificial colourings or flavourings in the crunchy mouse. Moreover, to prevent a harmful oversupply we add neither vitamins nor minerals to our products - the required amounts of those vary by species and breed of animal and are found in adequate quantities in high quality, species-appropriate pet foods. For this reason, you can offer your pet our Rodipet® chew blocks without having to worry about his or her health.

While the wearing down of a rodent's teeth is not significantly influenced by the hardness of chewing materials offered, prolonged periods of chewing do wear down rodent teeth. Moreover, the clay used in our chew blocks contains naturally occurring silicic acid which can also help prevent overgrown teeth.

- All-natural ingredients
- No added flavourings
- Crunchy fun
- Natural clay chew block included
- With crispy birch twigs for gnawing

Suitable for:
- Hamsters
- Gerbils
- Rabbits
- Prairie Dogs
- Chinchillas
- Guinea Pigs
- Mices
- Rats
- Degus

Rolled oats, grits, shredded wheat, birch twigs, clay, beetroot, sisal rope, plant-based thickening agent

14 x 4 x 14 cm

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