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Rodipet Organic Culinary Small Seeds

Rodipet Organic Culinary Small Seeds

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Rodipet Organic Culinary Small Seeds

These unprocessed seeds from nature's treasure troves make for a welcome change in your pet's usual diet.

- Exquisite treasures of nature
- Mix for all small rodent gourmands
- Widely accepted by pets
- High-quality seeds
- Exciting tastes
- Made from-organic ingredients
- De-021 organic certification

Suitable for:
- Hamsters
- Birds
- Small animals that have a high risk of developing diabetes

Buckwheat, yellow millet, bokhara clover seeds, amaranth, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, camelina seeds, quinoa, alfalfa seeds, sesame seeds, red clover seeds, braun linseed, evening primrose seeds, poppy seeds, golden linseed, nettle seeds, milk thistle seeds, black sesame seeds, aniseed. (all ingredients are organically sourced) DE-ÖKO-021

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