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Rodipet Red Foxtail Millet Spray - 170g
Rodipet Red Foxtail Millet Spray - 170g

Rodipet Red Foxtail Millet Spray - 170g

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Rodipet Red Foxtail Millet Spray - 170g

Rodipet® red foxtail millet is some crunchy fun for your pet that doesn’t just look pretty in your pet’s home. It will also keep your pet occupied for a fair while, as the individual grains need to be freed from their husks before eating.

Millet is not just occupation for your pet though: It is richer in minerals than any other known cereal, and contains magnesium, potassium, silicic acid, iron and fluorine.

Thus, it is perfect for maintaining the mineral balance of pets who run marathons in their exercise wheels. Moreover, millet naturally contains silicon, which helps keep bones strong and joints healthy and movable even when your pet grows older.

- High quality natural, fun chew
- Red foxtail millet
- Satisfies the urge to chew
- Invaluable source of energy
- Makes your pet work for his food
- 170g

Suitable for:
- Degus
- Hamsters
- Rabbits
- Mices
- Rats
- Steppe Lemmings
- Gerbils

Red foxtail millet in its panicles

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