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SOBO Aquarium Corner Filter

SOBO Aquarium Corner Filter

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SOBO Aquarium Corner Filter

Efficient and effective filter that allows it to be placed at the corner to save space as well as enhancing the aesthetics of the tank.

The filter sponge within the different chambers helps to act as mechanical and biological filters to make sure you will have the cleanest water possible. Sponges can be switched out to other media it is required by you. Detachable chambers can be removed to suit the height of your tank.

Fully submersible and works in both fresh and saltwater.

Sucks dirt from the bottom and filters it upwards. Attach a provided airline to create air bubbles and increase surface agitation. Increasing surface agitation will improve gaseous exchange that will help to increase oxygen levels in the aquarium.

- Detachable chambers for easy access to maintenance
- Detaching chambers to suit the height of your water level
- Able to switch out sponge for other filter media in the different chambers
- Fits snugly into the corner of your aquarium
- Sleek looking

Model: WP-707C
Great for: 2ft tanks
Wattage: 12 
Capacity: 650L/H

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