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Sunsun 360 Degree Wave Maker JVP232 - 15000L/H

Sunsun 360 Degree Wave Maker JVP232 - 15000L/H

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Sunsun 360 Degree Wave Maker JVP232 - 15000L/H

The Sunsun 360 Degree Wave Maker is an all improved wave maker that allows you to adjust 360 degrees at any angles! Comes in vibrant blue makes it extremely pleasing to the eyes when placed in your tank! Having a wavemaker in your aquarium is essential as it helps to move debris into your filtration system. Also, it provides currents to help water circulation to improve oxygenation. Most importantly, it helps to keep your aquarium fishes healthy and active!

- Magnetic Suction
- Vibrant Blue in Color
- 360 Degrees Rotatable
- Dual Head
- Helps fish to stay healthy as it recreates condition simlar to the wild
- It helps to circulate water around so that every part of the aquarium can get access to freshly oxygenated water
- It helps to prevent dirt buildup. The constant circulation of water will help to move the dirt around and in time to come, into your pump
- It will make your aquarium fishes more active and this in turn, make your aquarium look more appealing with fish swimming around happily
- Suitable for tanks 5ft and above

Size: 128x69x132mm
Voltage: 220 - 240V / 50Hz
Power: 26 Watts
Output: 15000 Litres/Hour

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