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Sunsun ACDC Air Pump YT8000 - 4L/Min

Sunsun ACDC Air Pump YT8000 - 4L/Min

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Sunsun ACDC Air Pump YT8000 - 4L/Min

An ACDC pump is indispensable in times of power outages. It is extremely important to provide an airpump during a power outage to provide continuous aeration for your fishes to get the oxygen they require to survive. When your pump stops working during a power outage, water stops flowing and when this happens, gaseous exchange is reduced tremendously which cuts off the supply of oxygenated water for your fishes. An ACDC pump prevents that from happening by continuously producing air bubble for a specified period of time to sustain your livestocks until you are able to get the problem fixed.

An ACDC pump runs by having a rechargeable battery embedded within. When the main power gets cut off, the pump automatically start to draw power from the battery source to continue pumping air to create aeration.

- 4L/Min (Total)
- 2 Outlets
- Battery sustenance of up to 12 hours
- Charging takes around 8 hours
- Energy efficient
- Great for back up during power outages
- Great for transporting of live aquatic animals

- 8 Watts
- Pressure: 15KPa

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