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Sunsun Stainless Steel Heater GB050 - 50 Watts

Sunsun Stainless Steel Heater GB050 - 50 Watts

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Sunsun Stainless Steel Heater GB050 - 50 Watts

An aquarium heater is a necessity to have around should you require to bump up the temperature of the water your fishes are living in. Sunsun Stainless Steel Heater will help to make keep the water temperature at the ideal temperature suited for your fish.

With an inbuilt thermostat, it will help you to save on electricity as it automatically shuts off once the entire aquarium hits the right temperature.

Having an aquarium heater around is also good for emergency situation should your fish fall sick. Bumping temperatures up will help in your fish getting better sooner than expected.

Also, the aquarium heater will come in handy should you encounter parasites infestation. Certain parasite like Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (Ich), will reduce their incubation periods with increased temperature. Bumping the temperature up will allow you to remove the ich more effectively as you do not need to dose the medication over a longer period saving you the dollars.

This heater is also made of stainless steel which means that you will no longer need to be afraid of shattering of glass with traditional heaters should you forget to switch off the electricity during water changes. However, do still try to switch off the electricity as it pose as a safety concern of burning yourself.

- Stainless steel construction (No more glass shattering with traditional heaters)
- Inbuilt thermostat (Switches off automatically once ideal temperature is reached)
- 50 Watts heaters are great for up to 2ft tanks

- 50 Watts
- Height: 22cm
- 1.45 meter wire length
- 12 to 34 degree celcius

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