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World's Best Cat Litter (Picky Cat) - 2.72kg / 5.44kg
World's Best Cat Litter

World's Best Cat Litter (Picky Cat) - 2.72kg / 5.44kg

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World's Best Cat Litter (Picky Cat) - 2.72kg / 5.44kg

Finding yourself with a kitty who refuse to go into the litter box? Try Picky Cat! This specially formulated litter which utilises a natural plant-based attractant to draw your cat to the box.

This was developed in partnership with pet behaviorists for kittens, newly adopted cats, senior cats or any picky cat who may experience feline inappropriate urination.

The world's best litter for fussy cats!

- Suitable for fussy felines, kittens, senior cats, newly adopted cats
- Contains chemical-free fibers that naturally attracts cats.
- Odor control
- Highly absorbent quick-clumping formula
- Last longer than traditional clay litter
- Flushable
- 99% Dust Free
- Suitable for any cats
- Made from natural ingredients
- Easy scooping
- Environmentally friendly
- Made in USA
- Available in 6lb (2.72kg), 12lb (5.44kg)

Made from renewable 100% absorbent corn + Super absorbent plant fibers

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