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[DISCONTINUED] Aixia Miaw Miaw Creamy (Tuna) - 15g x 4

[DISCONTINUED] Aixia Miaw Miaw Creamy (Tuna) - 15g x 4

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[DISCONTINUED] Aixia Miaw Miaw Creamy (Tuna) - 15g x 4

Aixia Miaw Miaw Creamy is a liquid based cat treat. The flavour bursting cream will entice your kitties to eat! An excellent treat for bonding with your cat!

It helps to de-stress your kitties and improve their appetite. With Vitamin E, it also helps to support body functions and reduce fecal odour.

- Liquid cat treats
- Enhanced with fish peptide
- Helps cats de-stress
- Improves appetite
- Reduce Fecal Odour
- Made in Thailand
- Available in 1 packet, 12 packets, 24 packets

Suitable for:
- Cats

Fish ((Tuna Maguro), Fish Extract, Fish Peptide,etc.), Protein Hyrolysate, Yeast Extract, Lactosucrose, Thickening Agent(Modified Starch, Jelly agents), Seasoning, Vitamin E

Feeding Guidelines:
Feed in moderation according to instructions on the packaging. Please note that cat treats should not replace daily meals.


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