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Antbreaker - 30ml
Antbreaker - 30ml

Antbreaker - 30ml

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Antbreaker - 30ml

Antbreaker kills entire ant colonies with a special formulation that is highly attractive to ants. Where regular pesticides kill individual ants without getting to the source of the problem, Antbreaker targets the ant colony and queen. Antbreaker is developed based on current entomological research on ant feeding habits, diet, and colony behaviour. Antbreaker is made in small batches from environmentally-friendly natural ingredients.

Antbreaker is a borax based ant-killer. Borax is a naturally-occurring mineral that is often used in cosmetics, toothpastes, and detergents as a green alternative. While borax has very low toxicity in humans and animals, it is fatal to ants as they consume borax and bring it back to their colony along with the food source that Antbreaker provides. When the colony and queen consumes Antbreaker, it works on the ant digestive system and eventually kills them, thereby causing total colony collapse.

Liquid ant bait is the most effective form of ant bait simply because it is specifically designed around how ants work.

Worker ants cannot digest solid food, which they carry back to their colony for the larvae to turn into liquid before the rest of the colony can eat it. This means that ant bait in gels or powder form need to first be carried back to the colony, then turned to liquid by the larvae in the colony, and only then can the rest of the colony can eat the bait.

Using a liquid bait shortcuts this process - worker ants, larvae and the rest of the colony can consume this liquid bait immediately without needing extra time for larvae to digest.

What this means for you is a faster time to kill your ant infestation than if you were to use ant bait in gel or powder form.

- Targets the queen ant (when queen ant is gone, the colony will collapse)
- Targets entire colony vs solving traditionally by spraying individuals
- Environmentally friendly natural ingredients
- More effective than powder form
- Pet-safe (LOW toxicity levels) - a few licks here and there will not cause any harm

Suitable for:
- Pest control (Ants)

Directions for use:
Start by apply about a teaspoon of bait near ant nest or directly along ant trail, more for large amounts of ants. Do not disturb the ants while they are bringing the bait back to their colony. It is normal that there will be increased ant activity and swarms when the bait is placed, it means the bait is working. Watch the video and read more on how to use Antbreaker.

Once the ants have started to take the bait, refresh the bait daily until no ants remain. Avoid mixing with other ant-killers. Like Rambo, Antbreaker works best alone.

When pets are involved, as much as possible, keep it out of reach during application. Although it is relatively pet safe, too much of anything is also not good. Can never be too safe. Although a few licks here and there will not cause any harm to your pets, disrupting the ant trail will lower the effectiveness of Antbreaker. 

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