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Aquafresh Wave Plate (3 Ridges)
Aquafresh Wave Plate (3 Ridges)

Aquafresh Wave Plate (3 Ridges)

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Aquafresh Wave Plate (3 Ridges)

These Aquafresh wave plates features 3 ridges and can be used as a foundation for stacking the pleco caves. It can also be used concurrently with the flat slates or other wave plates to create small holes or crevices that baby fishes or shrimps can seek refuge in.

There are endless ways to use the wave plates!

All Aquafresh products are handmade in Thailand using the best ceramic materials! It is completely unglazed and unpainted making it safe for your aquariums and it's inhabitants.

- Can be used as pleco cave foundation to facilitate stacking
- Great for many pleco caves in a single tank
- High quality ceramic
- Great workmanship
- Handmade
- Unglazed
- Unpainted
- Safe to use in aquarium
- Made in Thailand
- Available in Off-White

Suitable for:
- Plecos (Cave stabilizers)
- Baby Plecos (Hideout)
- Small Fishes (Hideout)
- Shrimps (Hideout)

15.5 x 15.0 x 2.2 (cm)
0.5 (cm)

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