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Biohome Bioearth - 230g / 450g

Biohome Bioearth - 230g / 450g

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Biohome Bioearth - 230g / 450g

Biohome Bioearth is made by Nature and it consists of more than 90% calcium montmorillonite clay. With regular use, your fish will experience improved health, better skin luster and enjoy better water quality, and living in a clean, close-to-nature, stress-free environment. Bioearth is a high purity, all natural calcium montmorillonite clay!

- Absorbs toxins like a magnet
- Improves and stabilizes water quality
- Removes chemicals, medicine residue, chlorine, heavy metals, ammonium and many other contaminants
- Better skin luster 
- 230g / 450g

90% calcium montmorillonite clay

Use in accordance to your aquariums' needs. Product is ready to use.

Use in aquarium/pond
Add about 1 gram to every 100 to 200 litres of water weekly. Mix well with aquarium/pond water before applying. You will notice that the water will turn cloudy initially but will result in much cleaner and clearer water in a few hours. Use bioearth preferably at night so that you will enjoy the clear water the next morning.

If you are showing your fish at a show or competition, repeat dose thrice weekly and increase dosage by 50% each time.

Use with food
When using bioearth to mix with fish food, add 1 gram to a mixing bowl with some water and fish food. Allow the food to be soaked with bioearth solution. Not only will the fish get all the nutrients, other impurities like fungus, bacteria that may be found in the food will be removed.

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