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Bioion Pets Pounce Sanitizer - Sakura - 60ml / 500ml

Bioion Pets Pounce Sanitizer - Sakura - 60ml / 500ml

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Bioion Pets Pounce Sanitizer - Sakura - 60ml / 500ml

Bioion Pets Pounce Sanitizer is a biotechnological formula that eliminate odour and kills 99.99% of bacteria commonly found airborne near and on surfaces. It can be used to sanitize furniture, sofa, curtains, floors, car interior and exterior. It can also be used on pets resting area such as their beds and mats, and kernels. Bioion Pets Pounce Sanitizer can be used on your pets and it can be sprayed on their paws, ears and fur which can help effectively eliminate the stench and harmful bacteria and it is safe to use on them.

- Made of 100% plant extracts
- Non-Alcohol
- Eliminates odour (eg: Cigarette Smoke Smell Food Stench etc.)
- Kills 99.99% germs
- Ionisation & biotechnological formulation from Japan
- DATA APPROVED BY: Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture, Japan
- Disinfects & protects against virus infection
- Rejuvenates, Purifies & Refreshes Air Quality
- Sakura-scented
- Available in 60ml, 500ml

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