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Bunny Nature BunnyBedding Active - 35L
Bunny Nature

Bunny Nature BunnyBedding Active - 35L

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Bunny Nature BunnyBedding Active - 35L

BunnyBedding active is a plant fibre mix natural bedding that is absorbent, super soft for your little paw friend. It is also ideal for stable tunnel building and promote natural behaviour. A perfect bedding to make your little friend feel at home and at ease!

- Plant fibre mix natural bedding
- Good absorbency
- Super soft
- Low in dust which is gentle on the respiratory system
- Ideal for stable tunnel building
- Promotes natural behaviour
- 35L

Suitable for:
- Hamster
- Dwarf Hamsters
- Mices
- Gerbils
- Rats

Linen fibre, straw pellets, pine heartwood

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