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Bunny Nature Timothy Hay - 700g
Bunny Nature

Bunny Nature Timothy Hay - 700g

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Bunny Nature Timothy Hay - 700g

Hay is a basic food for many animals and it is very important to ensure that the quality of hay that is consumed by your pet is of top-notch quality. Bunny Nature Timothy Hay ensures natural tooth abrasion due to the long chewing time and at the same time, it promotes natural intestine activity. The optimal calcium-phosphorus content, which has a positive effect on the bladder, can particularly be emphasized. Timothy is therefore ideal as a structured snack.

- Suitable as a mixed food
- Tasty and healthy
- Low-calcium content
- High crude fibre content
- Long fibers
- Helps ensure natural tooth abrasion
- Handpacked
- Product of Germany

Suitable for:
- Rabbits
- Guinea Pigs
- Chinchillas
- Degus
- Gerbils (Foraging / Nesting Materials)
- Hamsters (Foraging / Nesting Materials)
- Mices (Foraging / Nesting Materials)
- Rats (Foraging / Nesting Materials)
- Prairie Dogs
- Birds (Foraging / Nesting Materials)/
- Tortoises

Crude Analysis:
Crude Protein - 5%
Crude Fibre - 30%


Feeding Guideline:
As a snack, we recommend 1-2 handful daily in combination with a biodiverse hay that should be offered for free access (e.g. bunnyNature Hay from nature conservation meadows).



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