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[DISCONTINUED] Chitocure Pet Spray/Reviving Mist - 320ml

[DISCONTINUED] Chitocure Pet Spray/Reviving Mist - 320ml

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Chitocure Pet Spray/Reviving Mist - 320ml

The mist is useful when a bath in inconvenient.
Best to apply before going outdoors as it provides a protective coating which helps to prevent bacteria, fungus and yeast growth.
Also moisturised the fur coat and aids relief in dandruff and dermatitis.

- Protective Layer over pet’s fur
- Formulated with Chitosan
- Best applied before heading outdoors
- Useful when bath is inconvenient
- Specially formulated to help prevent mats and tangle
- Moisturises Fur Coat
- Relief of Dandruff and Dermatitis
- Regular use helps prevent bacteria, fungus and yeast growth
- Available in 320ml

Suitable for:
- Cat
- Dog

Why Chitosan?
Ingredient of chitosan is a nature substance which is extracted from shells of crab, shrimp and etc.
- All natural and non-toxic.
- Hypo-Allergenic.
- Anti-Bacterial and Fungus.
- Able to take away body oil and odour.
- Anti-Static and Prevent tangling.
- Able to build with dirt to be washed away.

Aqua, Aloe Barbadeusis Leaf Juice, Chitosan

Directions For Use:
1. Use Chitocure Reviving Pet Spray in between baths or after baths.
2. Spray Chitocure Reviving Pet Spray evenly over your pet, work it into fur and allow to dry.

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