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Coconut Hut
Coconut Hut
Coconut Hut
Coconut Hut
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Coconut Hut

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Coconut Hut

A cute coconut hut for your bird to rest! Add in some coconut coir and it will become and comfortable and cozy little nest for them! Coconut Hut can also be purchase as a decoration or cave for smaller animals like your sugar gliders, tarantulas, scorpions, skinks, geckos and many more!

Coconut Hut can be hung atop your enclosure or be placed on the ground (with substrate as the coconut is not level at the bottom) depending on your preference and whether your animal are arboreal / non-arboreal.

Suitable for:
Small Sized Pets 

Material: Coconut Shell
Color: Brown
Size: Length of Ladder / Diameter of Coconut / Diameter of Entry Hole
With Ladder: 9.84"/25cm, 4.33"/11cm, 2.36"/6cm
Without Ladder: 4.33"/11cm, 2.36"/6cm 

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