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Exo Terra Hygrometer (Analog)
Exo Terra Hygrometer (Analog)
Exo Terra

Exo Terra Hygrometer (Analog)

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Exo Terra Hygrometer (Analog)

A simple analog hygrometer monitoring tool that helps to keep humidity in check. Color coded and easy to see numbers help you to monitor the humidity levels within your terrariums or enclosures. 

Different reptiles have different humidity requirements. For example a desert species like a bearded dragon requires much lower humidity as compared to a tropical species like the chameleon. High humidity in snake enclosures could lead to Respiratory Infections. Thus, It is important to keep your humidity in check so that your animals can be kept in tip top condition. 

Other species in the Arthropods family like tarantulas and scorpions also have their own sets of humidity requirements. Each species is different and therefore, a humidity monitoring cool can come in handy!

- For monitoring terrarium humidity levels
- Easy to read and install

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