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Exo Terra Thermometer (Analog)
Exo Terra Thermometer (Analog)
Exo Terra

Exo Terra Thermometer (Analog)

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Exo Terra Thermometer (Analog)

A simple analog thermometer monitoring tool that helps to keep temperatures in check. Color coded and easy to see numbers help you to monitor the temperature levels within your terrariums or enclosures. 

Due to the affordability of it, you can choose to put two of them in your enclosures if you are keeping reptiles to know the hot and cool spot temperatures. This will make sure that your reptiles have the essential areas for them to thermo-regulate.

Likewise, if you are keeping arthropods like tarantulas, mantises or even amphibians like frogs that require different temperature ranges, you can make use of these thermometers!

- For monitoring terrarium temperature levels
- Easy to read and install

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