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Lickimat Felix (Cats) Green - 22 x 16 cm
Lickimat Felix (Cats) Green - 22 x 16 cm
Lickimat Felix (Cats) Green - 22 x 16 cm
Lickimat Felix (Cats) Green - 22 x 16 cm
Lickimat Felix (Cats) Green - 22 x 16 cm

Lickimat Felix (Cats) Green - 22 x 16 cm

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Lickimat Felix (Cats) Green - 22 x 16 cm

Lickimat Casper (Cats). Medium Level Stimulation Slow Feeder. All cats are unique and different in their own way – just like humans. No cat likes to have its whiskers touch the side of a bowl when feeding. This causes “whisker stress” in most cats and is the main reason many cats pick their food out of a bowl and place it on the floor before feeding. LickiMats are vet designed and provide a perfect feeding surface for cats. LickiMats allow you to spread out the cat food or treat on the mat surface or press the cat food or treat into the mat surface, encouraging your cat to crouch and feed more naturally.

The rubber tips of LickiMat gently scrape and stimulate your cat’s tongue whilst feeding or snacking. This increases saliva protection, improves oral hygiene, protects teeth and gums, and most importantly soothes your cat by releasing endorphins. The pockets of the LickiMat challenge your cat to extract the raw, wet, dry or liquid food or treat as a reward, enriching their feeding experience.

Keep in mind that you can use any LickiMat as a replacement for your cat feeding bowl! Your cat will thank you for it. LickiMats allow you to present raw, wet, dry and liquid foods on a single platter without mixing them or making a mess!

- Reduces anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviour
- Promotes licking
- Crouch and feed more naturally
- Slower & healthier feeding
- Alternative to feeding bowl
- Available in Green, Orange, Turquoise, Pink, Purple

Suitable for:
- Cats

22 x 16 cm


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