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Marukan Apple Tree Twigs - 10 pcs
Marukan Apple Tree Twigs - 10 pcs

Marukan Apple Tree Twigs - 10 pcs

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Marukan Apple Tree Twigs - 10 pcs

Want to try out different twigs from the different trees? Here's a apple tree twig from the fruit tree series of marukan! These twigs helps in dental health of many small animals as well as beak health for birds! On top of that, as simple as it looks, these twigs can also help to relieve stress by stimulating mental health when your pets play and chew on them!

There are other fruit tree twigs that you can check out! There are twigs from Pear trees, Peach trees, Papaya trees, Apple trees and Mango trees!

- Twigs from a apple tree
- Helps in dental health (for rodents)
- Helps in beak grinding (for birds)
- 10 pieces in a packet

Suitable for:
- Hamsters
- Mices
- Gerbils
- Guinea Pigs
- Rabbits
- Rats
- Degus
- Prairie Dogs
- Chinchillas
- Birds (Budgies, Eclectus, Cocktails, Parrots)


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