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Marukan Granola Cereal Mix - 180g
Marukan Granola Cereal Mix - 180g

Marukan Granola Cereal Mix - 180g

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Marukan Granola Cereal Mix - 180g

Marukan Granola Cereal Mix contains mixed fruits and nuts with vitamins and minerals which makes it an ideal snack for your pets!

- Delicious
- Healthy 
- Contains vitamins and minerals
- 180g

Suitable for:
- Guinea Pigs
- Rabbits
- Hamsters
- Rats
- Mices
- Degus
- Gerbils

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude protein - 13.5% or more
Crude fat - 5.8% or more
Crude fiber - 5.6% or less
Crude ash - 2.2% or less
Moisture - 8.2% or less
Energy - 377 kcal

Seed, peanut, rice puffs, popcorn, oats, corn, malt syrup, flour, locust bean, whole grain wheat, cashew nuts, soy protein a real pumpkin of barley, wheat, sugar, soybean, corn germ, peas, wolfberry, fermented grain extract, dietary fiber, minerals.


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