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Momi Alfalfa Cake - 453g

Momi Alfalfa Cake - 453g

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Momi Alfalfa Cake - 454g

All Momi hays are graded to be premium and sourced from the farms where hays are grown for professional racing horses, and for international events like Olympic game 2008 equestrian competition. All Momi hays are certified by United States Department of Agriculture to be free from quarantine pests and any chemical which would damage animal's health.

- Great exercise for their tooth
- Good for weight gaining
- Fun to eat
- Available in 1lbs (454g)

Suitable for:
- Rabbits
- Guinea Pigs
- Chinchillas
- Degus
- Gerbils (Dental Health)
- Hamsters (Dental Health)
- Mices (Dental Health)
- Rats (Dental Health)
- Prairie Dogs (Occasionally)
- Birds (Dental Health)
- Tortoises (Occasionally)
** Generally younger pets require the Alfalfa more for their Calcium

100% Alfalfa Hay

Country of Origin: USA

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