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Overhead Sump Filtration (OSF)
Overhead Sump Filtration (OSF)
Overhead Sump Filtration (OSF)
Overhead Sump Filtration (OSF)
Overhead Sump Filtration (OSF)
Overhead Sump Filtration (OSF)
Overhead Sump Filtration (OSF)
Overhead Sump Filtration (OSF)
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Overhead Sump Filtration (OSF)

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Overhead Sump Filtration (OSF)

The marriage of a traditional overhead filter and a sump filtration! We introduce to you the Overhead Sump Filtration! (OSF)! The OSF is a 3 layer filtration system that allows you to achieve ideal and effective mechanical and biological filtration.

The top most layer is the drawer layer where you place your filter wool to catch debris that are too large. This step is the mechanical filtration where larger waste particles or unfinished food particles gets trapped in the filter wool. This is to separate out and enhance the filtration system and prevent clogging of the sump area. The drawers put users at ease when changing the cotton as it is created to be user-friendly.

The sump section is the bottom 2 layers where all the biological filtration takes place. Aquarium media is placed in these sump layers where it is divided into chambers. The reason why these chambers are divided is to force water to go through each and every single media-filled chambers. Aquarium media houses beneficial bacteria that helps to break down ammonia and nitrite to nitrates. This in turn, creates a healthier ecosystem for your aquarium inhabitants to survive.

This very effective filtration system was created because of the effectiveness of the sump filtration together with the portability of the overhead filtration (OHF). Sump tanks are one of the best filtration available out there but the only downside is that it takes up a lot of space. Hence, this new hybrid type of filtration was born to bring the best of both worlds to aquarium hobbyists!

- 2-in-1 Filtration
- Marriage of Overhead Filtration (OHF) + Sump Filtration
- Extremely effective filtration (compared to traditional overhead filters)
- Mechanical + Biological filtration
- Ergonomic drawer design
- Forces water efficiently through the media chambers to better facilitate biological filtration

Suitable for:
- All aquatic animals
- Fishes
- Axolotls
- Turtles

Available in:
- 1.5ft (40-50cm)
- 2ft (55-70cm)
- 3ft (85 - 110cm)
- 4ft (105 - 130cm)

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