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Petz Route Silk Toy Rolling
Petz Route

Petz Route Silk Toy Rolling

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Petz Route Silk Toy Rolling

Say hello to these cute little silk creatures! Let them roll around the floor as your cat try to hunt for them! Due to the toy body being handmade with 100% silk, it is more fragile than regular toys. Please play with supervision and let your cat play with them again once they have cooled down from the "hunt".

- Handmade in Japan
- 3 Toy: Bird, Caterpillar, Mouse
- 100% Natural Silk Parts & Real Natural Feathers
- Silk Body Parts helps clean cat teeth when bitten!
- Fun for hours
- Bonding with pet
- Suitable for all ages
- Encourage exercise for pet

Suitable for:
- Cats

Natural Silk (100% silk), polyester, rayon, natural feathers


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