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Psittacus Breeding High Protein - 12kg
Psittacus Breeding High Protein - 12kg

Psittacus Breeding High Protein - 12kg

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Psittacus Breeding High Protein - 12kg

This product is intended for the reproductive stage of medium and largesized species which, in addition to the need for a high quality protein-rich diet during this time, also get benefit from an appropriate fatty acid content rich in oleic, such as Amazon parrots, white cockatoos, Ring-necked Parakeets and Alexandrine Parakeets (Amazona, Cacatua, Psittacula, etc.). Breeding extruded food is formulated to stimulate reproduction. It contains high levels of protein with suitable amino acids for this stage. Moreover, it is formulated with particular attention to fatty acids, Omega 6 and Omega 3 inputs. The concentration of vitamins and antioxidants of this product is higher than maintenance extruded foods, in order to satisfy the increased requirements during breeding season.

- Balanced and homogeneous
- Stimulate reproduction
- Contains high level of protein with suitable amino acid profile
- Higher concentration of vitamins and antioxidants
- High quality proteins
- Available in 12kg

Suitable for:
- Medium to Large size species (Amazona, Cacatua, Psittacula, Pionus)
- Amazons
- Cockatoos
- Ring-neck Parakeets (Large Parakeets)
- Alexandrines (Large Parakeets)

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein - 24.5%
Crude oils and fats - 12.5%

Feeding Guidelines:
Their daily intake ranges approximately from 5 % to 8 % of their body weight. For example, a Blue-fronted Amazon will consume between 20 and 35 g daily. Ambient temperature influences consumption significantly.

Direction For Use:
1. Formulas intended for breeding pairs during breeding season.
2. Supplement with fresh fruit and vegetables in order to give variety to the diet.
3. Renew daily the leftover food from the feeder.
4. Close the bag after each use.
5. Do not add vitamins or trace elements as a supplement since the formula already contains the appropriate amount. To supply these in excess can be harmful. However, it is recommended in this stage that the birds have Calcium Grit ad libitum which will allow them to meet the higher calcium demand of egg-laying.
6. Ensure that the bird has fresh clean water at all times

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