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QQKit Recyclable Paper Cat Litter (Green Tea) - 7L
QQKit Recyclable Paper Cat Litter (Green Tea) - 7L

QQKit Recyclable Paper Cat Litter (Green Tea) - 7L

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QQKit Recyclable Paper Cat Litter (Green Tea) - 7L

QQKit Paper Cat Litter is made from recycled paper pulp, making it better for the planet. You will be stunned to see how paper litter is lighter than any other cat litter while keeping the features and fun

QQKit Recyclable Paper Cat Litter is a paper-based, recycled blend of activated carbon. QQKit is light, about 75 percent less than litter based on clay. Post-consumer paper is re-pulped, de-inked, and screened in order to create paper litter.

The fibers are de-watered, pelletized, dried, mixed with the natural deodorizing agent (alternative activated carbon or coffee dregs or tea leave dregs) mixture during the re-pulping process, naturally neutralizing the odors of the cat.

This paper-based litter is dust free and is not going to damage the respiratory system of your cat. Plus, granules are highly absorbent. As it does not stick to the cat's paws as it leaves the box, the size of the granules is about right.

- Odor control/Antibacterial
- Pet-friendly formula
- Quick clumping
- Recycled paper-based and blend of activated carbon
- Lightweight
- Dust-free & highly absorbent
- Available in 7L

Suitable for:
- Cats

Made of recycled paper materials

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