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Rodipet® Organic Dwarf Hamster Food ''VARiETY'' - 500g
Rodipet® Organic Dwarf Hamster Food ''VARiETY'' - 500g

Rodipet® Organic Dwarf Hamster Food ''VARiETY'' - 500g

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Rodipet® Organic Dwarf Hamster Food ''VARiETY'' - 500g

A carefully selected potpourri of ingredients not included in the Junior & Senior compositions bring a welcomed change to hamster life and help to make every meal extra special.

At the same time, your rodent gets the nutrients he needs for his active lifestyle. Challenge all sense of your furry nose and let it try new things!

Each of the 24 components of our organic dwarf hamster food "Variety" has been lovingly selected to meet the needs of dwarf hamsters and tested for acceptance and quality.

Only ingredients that meet the highest quality standards are used in our food so every bite is a feast for the senses for your little gourmet. And to guarantee that no fertiliser or pesticide residues spoil the hamsters appetite, 100% organic ingredients are used in this food.

- Delicious, natural ingredients
- Supplement to junior or senior food
- Varied gourmet ingredients
- A feast for all senses
- From controlled organic cultivation
- Available in 500g

Suitable for:
- Dwarf Hamsters

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Fibre: 7.1 %
Crude Protein: 16.9 %
Crude Oils and Fats: 10.1 %
Crude Ash: 3.7 %

Naturally contained minerals per 100 g:
calcium: 230 mg, phosphorus: 470 mg, magnesium: 220 mg, potassium: 530 mg, sodium: 40 mg

Naturally contained trace elements per 100 g:
iron: 13.30 mg, manganese: 4.77 mg, zinc: 4.87 mg, copper: 0.22 mg

White Sorghum millet, Finger millet, Pearl millet, Yellow millet, Wild Proso millet, Red Sorghum millet, Barnyard millet, Sunflower seeds, buckwheat seeds, brown linseed, camelina seeds, milk thistle seeds, clover seeds, oilseed rape, red quinoa, oil radish seeds, ribwort seeds, sesame, common marigold flowers, red clover flowers, Apple mint leaves, dill stalks, dill seeds, rose flowers (All ingredients are organically sourced)

Feeding Guidelines:
The daily requirement is one heaped scoops (equivalent to a heaped tablespoon) and one insect of choice.
Please check weekly how much food your dwarf hamster has hoarded in the burrow: If the food is piling up, please reduce the amount of food slightly; if there is hardly any food to be found, increase the amount of food slightly.

This mixture serves as a variety to the Dwarf Hamster Junior & Senior food. A portion of "Variety" every third day instead of the "Junior" or "Senior" main food is recommended.

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