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Rodipet EasyClean TERRA Ceramic Burrow - 16cm
Rodipet EasyClean TERRA Ceramic Burrow - 16cm

Rodipet EasyClean TERRA Ceramic Burrow - 16cm

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Rodipet EasyClean TERRA Ceramic Burrow - 16cm

Our Rodipet® EasyClean Ceramic Burrow for pet rodents was designed on the model of Mother Nature. Observations made during Rodenti® Expeditions to Mongolia in 2008 and 2016 were essential in developing this species-appropriate high quality product. The shape resembles the natural burrows of gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus), and the product's properties are chosen to meet the particular needs of this species. However, many other pet rodents also love the hide-out design.

The Rodipet® EasyClean rodent burrow makes for a cozy, durable pet home that can be completely hidden in bedding. Thanks to its top entrance, this species-appropriate burrow can be covered in 13-14 cm of bedding.

As this pet house is designed to rest on the habitat ground there is no risk of your pet tunneling under the walls and causing the house to collapse into the bedding. The two entrances are angled in such a way as to prevent excessive brightness inside.

- Inspired by Nature: round bedchamber
- Made from quality ceramic
- Easy to clean
- Compatible with all EasyClean TERRA system components
- Two entrances
- 16cm

Suitable for:
- Gerbils
- Degus
- Hamsters
- Mices

Width x Length x Height: 22 x 16 x 13 cm
Entrance: 7 cm

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