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Rodipet Grass Nest House - 18cm

Rodipet Grass Nest House - 18cm

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Rodipet Grass Nest House - 18cm

Grass nests are a favourite with many hamsters, gerbils and other pet rodents, and not without reason: The curved inside walls resemble the rounded walls of a subterranean rodent burrow and do not need much cushioning to make a cosy nest that smells pleasantly of hay. Moreover, the plaited grass is fairly breathable and neither heat nor damp can build up inside.

Our Rodipet® Grass Nests and Grass Nest Houses are plaited from natural grasses and contain neither wire nor plastic frames – bamboo framework and a little coarse cotton string are all we need to keep the nests in shape.

- Made from natural grasses
- Ideal for structuring your pet’s home
- Offers shelter
- With removable roof
- 18cm

Suitable for:
- Hamsters
- Mices
- Steppe Lemmings

Materials: Grass, bamboo

Without roof: 13 cm
With roof: 18 cm
Entrance: 4 cm

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